Rush mode survival guide: White Pass&Laguna Presa tips

I contributed with the strategy tips below to the “What is your best strategy for BC2?” ongoing competition at the BFBC2 forums (PC thread, console thread). Enjoy!


-In order to implement this strategy you’ll need a silenced weapon. Play with Engineer or Recon class with the VSS. The motion sensors will avoid you getting surprised.

-Run to the under-construction building. Climb the stairs up to the first floor.

-Intercept enemies manning the mounted MG and those who advance towards your base from their spawn to the south, then to the west, taking cover by the trees.

-Position yourself to the first floor’s window who is facing the enemy spawn. You’ll be able to take out several enemy snipers as well as both mounted MG’s.

-Enemies will soon or later be aware of your position and will try to storm the building. Be careful of the stairs! If you see them getting down the spawn hill, don’t wait for them on the first floor but instead jump down and surprise them.

-You’re the most vulnerable from the hillside to the east by enemies who try to sneak to the factory building: they are in the same level as you.

– Make your way to the small wall near the bus. Approach the west side of the factory building.

– Climb the ladder. You’ll be in some sort of small balcony. Be very careful now because there will be enemies just across the wall.

– Kill any enemies on your right and on your left (below the stairs leading to the roof). There can be enemies getting down from the roof at any time, especially if they are shooting RPG’s to the mounted machine guns.

– If team members put a charge on [B], you’re in the perfect position to kill any enemies trying to set it off.

– Setting a charge on [A] demands caution. Make your way below the ladder leading to the roof. You’ll be facing [A].

– There will be enemy movement from [A]’s room towards your hiding spot, since there is a spawn point near.

– Once [A] appears clear make your move. Set the charge or put some C4. If you set a charge, the best point to wait for enemies is on the roof!

– If enemy resistance is too strong and you cannot approach the factory building either from the sides directly facing your spawn (East, South) or from the West, you got to make it from the North side where the generators are.

– Make your way down the spawn hill. Get cover inside the trees. Do not approach the wall by the bus. Do not engage enemies at this point unless they are close.

– Continue to the North and follow the small path to the East. It will lead you to the wall surrounding the generators’ yard.

– Take cover amongst the generators.

– The hard way to get inside the building is to climb the ladder on the NW corner. From there you can go directly to [A] or approach more cautiously (Method#1).

– The easy way is the entrance on the NE side of the building which is facing the yard. You can set a charge on [B] or cover any friendlies while they do it. If you feel adventurous you can also take the stairs up but you can easily be spotted.


-Pair#3 of M-Comms is the harder to destroy in this map. If you defend, chose an engineer class loaded with maximum landmines. Position them at the riverbed below the bridge. A couple of vehicle kills are 100% guaranteed!

-Stay on the downslope near [A]. An engineer loadout with a 4x scope is recommended. Pick-up any enemies and snipers positionned or approaching from the other side of the bridge. It’s relatively easy to cripple enemy forces on their way up to [A]. If you move a little bit further downhill you also have a view on the enemy spawn points and can kill snipers, as well as be aware of bradleys approaching.

-Beware of enemies infiltrating your base from the other side, near [B].

-If you get killed while you’re defending this position, and your position is swarmed by enemies, as soon as you respawn position yourself by the tower near [B] and clear the hillside above [A], you’ll have a clear view.

-Approach undetected from the West and climb on the hill on the NW side of the map. Usually there are snipers there, take them out.

-Get down from the hill and make your way to the North hidden by the containers, then to the East.

-Do not cut by any means the protective barbed wire fence, because it will be a hint to the enemy that you have been around. There will be a tree on your way, you can get through it even if space is tight.

-Eventually you will be at the NE corner of the village, behind enemy lines.

-You can take down enemies inside the two container-like buildings (the one has a mounted MG) surmounting [B].

-There will also be enemies/snipers taking cover by the fence surmounting [B].

-In order to set a charge at [B], you can get down to [B] level and take cover by the containers E/NE of [B]. Beware because the whole place is swarming with enemies. As soon as there’s no enemy around you can set a charge undected. Beware of enemies that in the meanwhile have took position above you.

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