CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS Domination Survival Guide

So you wanna play Domination kid?

Most players start their multiplayer FPS carreer by playing Deathmatch, Free-For-All and/or Team Deathmatch. Furthermore, COD is plagued by legions of players who are obsessed by their Kill/Death ratio. In both cases remember that this is no TDM! You have to capture the objectives in order for your team to win.

If you don’t care about the objectives, chances are that you’re going to lose. And even if there are some players in your team who want to play the game, by seeing that the rest of the team doesn’t giving a fuck it is likely that they are going to quit. Play the fucking game!

One golden rule

Capure B and hold it for the majority of the match. Pretty simple isn’t it? 

Capturing B

Flag B in most Call Of Duty games’ Domination mode is in the middle of the map.

The best way to capture B is to rush to it together with as many teammates as possible (except one who should take the flag -A or C- near your spawn points). 

If two or more comrades capture B the rest should cover them. If you’re taking it all together you’re an easy target to grenades and rockets.

In order to survive the few extra seconds necessary to capture it, you should have Flak Jacket as Perk#1. Alternatively you can trade the Flag Jacket for Lightweight in order to be able to move towards B even faster.

In order to rush to B asap take Marathon as Perk#3. Alternatively take Second Chance which might give you a few extra seconds to capture the flag.

As for headquarters mode, smoke is your best friend in order to capture a flag, therefore your typical Domination capturer class should have Willy Pete as tactical grenade.

Don’t forget to throw grenades to the direction from where the enemy team is expected to approach. I would suggest a SMG as primary weapon in order to move faster. Switch to your pistol if you want to run even faster.

My primary weapon of choice for my Domination class is a AK74u equipped with a grenade launcher. This way except my lethal grenade I can also launch a couple more in order to cut the advance of the enemy team towards B. You can also bombard the elevated positions from where the enemies will want to kill you while you’re taking it.

Holding B

Once B is yours make sure that you guard it. The number of times that my team lost B straight after I got killed because nobody else cared is amazing!

The best way is to lurk reasonably close with a couple of grenades handy. 

Don’t forget that you’ll know that the enemy is taking when “B” will be flashing. If you can’t kill the enemy(ies) with grenades or don’t have a clear view and must get closer, don’t forget to throw a stun or flash grenade.

Achieving victory with maximum bodycount

You win by scoring more points than the opposite team and this is achieved by holding 2 flags for the majority of the match.

Therefore except B you must also hold another one of the remaining two flags. You must determine if the second flag will be the one near your original spawn points, or the flag at the opposite part of the map where the ennemy team started spawning. The choice will be either random, aka the chaos of the battle will decide for it, or conscious. If you overwhelm the enemy team, you can force them to spawn to the side of the map where it will be more convenient for you and your teammates to decimate them and score the most kills.

Best practices

+++ If you see a teammate capturing a highly needed flag help him out either by capturing it together (you capture flags much faster if you’re more than one). A usual noobish behaviour is to feel relieved that somebody else does the dirty job and move on. If he gets killed you won’t take the damn flag!

+++ The (grenade) launcher is your friend! If the enemy is taking a flag there exists no better way than the grenade launcher to quickly eliminate the danger of him taking it. My favorite workhorse weapon for  Domination is the Famas with grenade launcher: it has a reasonably long range (provided you shoot by quick bursts) and it’s killer in CQC with its high fire rate.

+++ What if you keep trying to capture B but the enemy resistance is too fierce? You should open up the action a little bit and unfocus it from B. Try to capture the other flag(s). If you capture them both, some enemies will be dispatched to recapture them (unless they’re largely winning in which case they can win by holding a single flag).

+++ Have always an anti-aircraft class ready. If the enemy dominates the air then you will be forced to stay inside buildings which will most possibly cost you victory…

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  Blackwolf wrote @

πανο ωραιος οδηγος αν κ διαφωνω σε μερικα σημεια.Πχ Μπομπακια.Τα noobtubes δν ειν η μονη λυση για να κρατησεις μια σημαια.Ειναι η πιο ευκολη λυση.Κ δν βοηθαει καποιον να παει παρακατω κ να γινει καλυτερος.

Επισης τα secondary ειναι αχρηστα κ ειναι καλυτερο παντα να εχει καποιος μπαζουκα μαζι του για τα ιπταμενα.

Επισης ο καλυτερος τροπος να διαλυσεις ομαδα σε dom dem ειναι να κανεις spawn killing.Ουτε με κυαλια δν βλεπουν σημαια.

Παντως ωραιος οδηγς πανο κ μπραβο για την υπομονη σου ρε.
Keep walking πολυ καλη δουλεια γενικα 🙂

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