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Field Operative is back! Why BF3 didn’t make it for us, what we have played during the past year and our current passion: Black Ops 2.

It’s been ~1 year that we’ve been off the radar.

The reason why is that except the usual daily grind, the blog has somehow lost its purpose. Indeed, I started out this blog when I’ve been converted from the C.O.D. to the Battlefield series back at the Modern Warfare 2 fiasco. I was enthusiastic about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 which was a fucking great game, and I felt like sharing my enthusiasm, without neglecting to write about other FPS/shooter titles….

After playing BFBC2 for hundreds of hours I highly anticipated Battlefield 3. I have enjoyed very much the beta and played fanatically with my comrades Metro, the only (but memorable) map available.

Unexpectedly enough and after the first few exciting weeks of discovery,BF3 turned out to be less exciting than what it was supposed to be after the promises made by the fantastic Bad Company 2. As I have pointed out back at the time, this comment/critic applies to the console versions where online matches feature smaller teams than on the PC and the action is therefore less intense…

Apparently DICE has succeeded back at the time to come for Bad Company 2 with a formula that offered intense, unmitigated action both for the PC and console versions of the game. Battlefield 2 being a PC game, Battlefield 3 has apparently been built upon the same general framework. I can’t go into details because I have never played Battlefield 2. I am a console gamer, I have never hidden that… I respect PC FPS enthusiasts and I have felt that BFBC2 brought both the PC and console FPS fractions closer together. Too bad that the formula has been broken for Battlefield 3…

[To be continued]

Use the MAV to reach new heights [VIDEO]

Wondering why there is not enough action in BF3? Well maybe it’s because people are busy have fun doing crazy shit like this instead of actually playing the game!

Battlefield 3 is not as fun as it was supposed to be (at least on console…)

Yeah, I hate to say this but it turns out that the initial excitement has given place to boredom and frustration…

The Xbox 360 version (and most likely the PS3 too) is simply not  packed with as much action as we anticipated it to be.  Bad Company 2 was more intense, more fun, more engaging.

Maybe it’s because BF3 was primarily designed as a PC game like BF2. I suppose that with more players per match things are  more exciting…

I’ve been playing mostly the Rush mode until now, which was pure mayhem back at BFBC2. Instead of that, you can spend 30′ or 40′ playing a single round and only shoot 5 or 10 enemies. Not because you lack skill, but because either the enemies don’t attack and camp in the hills sniping, either because you try to attack but the rest of your team doesn’t follow and your squad keeps getting decimated then spawning back at your camp, etc.

Maybe the situation will ameliorate as soon as the most motivated players will remain, those who truly intend to play the game. But it’s not only a matter of motivation but also the maps are also to blame: most of them  are too open and the  action is too loose. Maybe all of them are not fit for Rush after all?

Operation Metro, Tehran Highway,  Seine Crossing are fun. Other maps like Caspian Border or Operation Firestorm can be excruciating, spending most of the time running  where the action is supposed to be, or waiting for the enemies to get their shit together and finally attack.

Possibly it’s too early to issue a final verdict, but right now I am playing more and more Modern Warfare 3, eventhough it doesn’t feature dedicated servers, eventhough match making is flawed. That’s an irony knowing that I abandoned the COD series overnight when I first played BFBC2… I hope to be wrong.

BF3 multiplayer Q&A

I have anticipated wildly BF3 and since its release I haven’t written much about it, because I was actually playing it!

Instead of writing a plain review, I have started the BF3 multiplayer Q&A page, which I will update regularly… Check it out,  feel free to comment and leave your own questions to be answered.


Brace yourselves: more BF3 awesomeness [VIDEO]

BF3 XBOX Achievements Revealed

Feel like owning a custom BF3-style console?

Sweet or what?

Battlefield 3: Ungrateful Fans Get an Earful from DICE

Early access keys “are being sent out”…

I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t received my early access redemption code. BF community manager zh1nt0 has just posted in the Battlefield forums:

Hello everyone

Just here to drop a line to you all saying that keys are being sent out to everyone. EA Customer Support can´t help you “get” you a key since they are being rolled out from another instance.

I see the line to EA Live Chat is huge and there are other people with other issues that might need more assistance.

So to clarify

PC Keys have been sent out and are being sent out.

Xbox 360 keys have been sent out and are being sent out

PS3 keys have been sent out and are being sent out.

E.T.A. about the early access beta keys is lunchtime!

The hotly anticipated Battlefield 3 beta begins today for those who pre-ordered the PC game through Origin, and Medal of Honor Limited Edition owners.

EA will send out keys from lunchtime today to those who fall under those categories.

When will you receive your email with your key? Don’t bother asking, developer DICE said – the system is run by a computer, not by human beings.

“Please don’t ask about ‘when do I get my email’ etc,” gameplay designer Gustav Halling pleaded.

“We don’t know, this is an automated system that sends a bunch out every hour starting around lunch today.”

Keys will be sent “around 1pm-3pm CET on PC and Xbox 360” Battlefield community manager Daniel Matros said. That’s 12pm-2pm in the UK.

DICE is “awaiting further messaging on PS3”.