Rush Mode survival guide

My favorite BFBC2 game mode is RUSH. The amount of players who don’t really play the game in this mode is alienating , frustrating the rest of the players and in some cases ruining the whole experience.

Ok, let’s do a summary of what RUSH is about.

— This game mode is all about 2 M-COM stations.

— There’s two rounds. In one of them you must defend them against the enemy, in the other one you must destroy them and the enemy defends them.

— The action happens in a third of the game map. When both M-Com stations are destroyed, another third of the map becomes active and two new M-Com stations are online. In total you’ll be fighting for 3 pairs of M-Com stations.

— There is no time limit in achieving the objective but the attacker has a limited amount of tickets. When his ticket capital reaches 0, he loses the whole round. Ticket means respawn. Each time an attacker dies, the ticket count is decreased. If he is revived, the ticket count is increased again.

— In order to destroy a station, you must first set a charge. An attacker has to come near enough and keep the “B” button (that’s for the Xbox 360) pressed until a status bar is filled.

— Disarming a charge works in the same way but must be done by a defender (doh). It is also a slower process than setting it.

— When a charge is set, an alarm is on and the station is flashing.

— Alternatively, some stations can be be destroyed by making the building in which they’re in collapse. When this is possible, it also happens for one station out of the pair you’re each time fighting for, not for both. Otherwise it would be too easy to win just by launching mortars or gunning down with tanks.

— It is also possible to destroy a M-Com station by inflicting damage with explosives, you will notice that each station has a health bar.

That’s the rules. Let’s see the basic tactics now.

First of all, let’s start by the wrong way of playing.

A good half or third of those playing RUSH, play as if they are not interested in the objectives. They seem to be interested only in scoring some kills. That is extremely idiotic, because they are basically playing the wrong game. They should play instead a game with Deathmatch modes, or try BFBC2’s Squad Deathmatch. It is pretty reasonable to assume that many of them have a Modern Warfare 2 background.

It is idiotic to play like that because you’re having only a tiny portion of the fun and satisfaction that you’ll get from a good game, playing by the rules.

What is the most idiotic, is that this kind of players don’t seem to mind losing. A game is supposed to be about fun and about trying to win. There is no reason in playing a game if you don’t have the will to win.

What this braindead/camper kind of player hope, is that either somebody else from their team will care about the objectives, or that the enemies are also campers like them and will not care about the objectives either, basically turning a Rush game into a Team Deathmatch.

What happens when you play stupid like that? When you’re defending, things are almost ok. You’ll try to kill the enemies until they run out of tickets, hoping that none of them will cross your team’s lines and set a charge.
The game is ruined when the campers are supposed to attack, because they never do. Maybe a handful of decent players will try to attack, but unless they’re really good most likely they won’t succeed on their own. If the attackers don’t attack then the game is ruined. Either the defenders will attack, pressing the attackers into their spawn points, or they will stay behind waiting for them. In both cases the round will end when the attackers will run out of tickets, and if they don’t attack this can take a very long time.

Enough talking about the pussy ass campers! Let’s talk tactics and strategy.

— Use the armored vehicles that are at your disposal.

If nobody from your team does, then it is likely that the enemy team will get them and you don’t want that to happen!

Don’t fly a UAV or a helicopter, unless you know how to. If you do, you will considerably reduce your team’s chances to win. It takes some practice to fly well an aircraft.

— If you decide to drive an armored vehicle, take it to your grave. Don’t get out! We have already seen enemies repairing abandonned vehicles who had a health of 1 or 2/100.

— Build a defensive perimeter around the two stations. Don’t position yourself around them, because it is likely you will be overwhelmed. If all your team is concentrated around them, with a couple of mortar strikes or in the event of a tank assault, you’re dead meat. If the M-Com stations are inside buildings, don’t barricade yourself inside, because the enemy can destroy and will make them collapse – with you inside.

— When both M-com stations are destroyed and two new objectives are online, it is likely that there are still a couple of defenders hanging around the position of the stations that just got destroyed. As the attackers will advance towards the new M-Com stations, these defenders will be able to inflict some casualties behind their lines. In this case, the attackers should always look behind their back and if they’re well organized, should have a couple of players cleaning the area.

— When a UAV attacks your team, priority#1 should be to take it down.

— Always communicate with your squad mates about your respawns. If 2 or 3 of you have just died and are about to respawn, tell the last one(s) to stay in safety until they do. Alternatively, if you don’t communicate by voice, you can tell by looking at the names of your squad mates on the screen, if they are dead and about to respawn.

— If you are about to respawn to a squad mate who is inside a vehicle, have the good reflex in chosing the Engineer class.

If your team is defending then there is no great need for the medics to revive fallen comrades. The spawn point is very close to the stations that you’re defending. Instead of losing time reviving (plus the fact that they will often be killed right after you revive them), do your best to defend.

— If you are defending and still chose to play as a medic, throw some medi-kits around your M-Com stations. Your comrades will need them. If you’re attacking and have armed a charge, or your team mates are about to, throw some medi-kits around. Fierce fighting occurs around them as the defenders try to discharge, so they will be needed.

— A good preventative measure when you’re defending, is shooting tank fuels. If the enemy shoots them during the attack, and any defenders are hanging around, they will get blown off too. Be reasonnable though. You probably wouldn’t want shooting those who will leave your camp too exposed.

— When your team is defending, try to get players with the Recon class throw around some motion sensors. At the beginning of the round they can help you building your defensive perimeter. As the fight gets down to your camp, throw them around the stations. You will see enemies at your map moving, in the shape or three triangles pointing at the direction they’re moving at. When the enemy has thrown motion sensors, you can notice by a beep sound.

— Beware because you could destroy your own M-Com station by making a building collapse.

— A rule valid for most multiplayer games, that you shouldn’t forget when you’re attacking: if you’re having trouble piercing the enemy lines, don’t insist too much losing tickets, try another way instead. That can be the opposite side of the camp, sneaking from behind or maybe by creating a diversion (eg. with smoke).

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