Dr Wolf was one my comrades at the infamous [9/11] COD4 clan. He’s also the better sniper I’ve ever played with or against. Recently he has joined the BFBC2 ranks and I’ve collected his first impressions and advices as per BFBC2 sniping. Please notice that they are about core, not hardcore.

  • First of all, BFBC2 is not like Call Of Duty. It is very hard to run and gun with a sniper rifle, and that’s because the game has extra physics.  Theoretically you can try quickscope and no scope more or less in the same way. It’s simply improbable to succeed.
  • Recon Class demands a lot of patience and almost no rush. Even if you’re running for cover, you have to be careful because you might be in somebody’s optical range.
  • Hanging around in wide open spaces is a deadly mistake.
  • You have to learn exactly when the spawn points are, as well as the dead spots, ie. the spots from where it’s difficult that somedbody walks across.
  • Watching the map for the first time you have to spot instantly all possible passages. Those differ in each game, because of the different ways players behave. Then you have to pick up a spot from where you are able to watch all those passages, as well as the sniper positions.
  • You have to pick up spots where other snipers won’t think to look at. In general you have to be one step forward.
  • Evident sniper positions and passages such as building tops, windows, hill tops, etc are to be avoided.
  • It is a BIG MISTAKE to have another sniper near you, as well as to follow or be followed by other teammates. They can easily give away your position to the enemy.
  • If you kill up to 3 enemies (and this is especially true if they’re snipers), you have to change spot and be able to watch the position where you killed them. Usually if it was a building top or other usual sniper spot, snipers will try to return to the same position in order to get you and enemies with automatic weapons they will know your position thanks to the killcam and will come after you.
  • That’s why you have to know many different spots and many different paths to reach them, in order to be able to run away if you’re getting shot by automatic weapons or a tank.
  • You must run away from your spot asap in one of the following conditions: If you hear a bullet flying or landing near you,  if you hear sniper or automatic weapon fire near you, or if you’re injured. Never try to shoot back at the enemy who’s firing at you, it’s an 80% fail.
  • Use you sensor motion mines, they help out yourself as well as your teammates plus you’ll get a healthy amount of points.
  • Have the instinct to swap to your handgun when needed, it can save your life.

In distances from 90 to 100 meters you shoot at the centre of your scope and you’re getting a headshot. In bigger distances the bullet drop phenomenon occurs. In order to master it, you’ll have to take notes with each succesful shot and after a while you’ll now where you have to shoot by heart.

Here goes what I have found so far:

  • 150m: half a point higher than the crosshair center
  • 200m: 1 point higher than the crosshair center
  • 300m: 1,5 point higher than the crosshair center

For the rest you to think and experiment a bit.

In the event of a moving target, we aim higher according to the distance and a few points on the left or on the right depending on the direction. In order to get a moving taget you need to have excellent reflexes, ie. excellent eye/hand coordination.

That’s all for this first edition folks, practice a lot and don’t forget to comment your own advice or sniper experience.


[…] a good recon class guide though much of the advice applies to other classes […]

  TheDementedSmile wrote @

I myself have a love for sniping, I have clocked most of the 6 days(game time) as Recon. So I have a good amount of experience in my viewing. I get so very angry at watching a squad with 4 ppl have 3 snipers (TAKE NOTE I SAY SNIPERS NOT RECON) and not 1 of them are supporting their team, just going for a good k/d. I personally follow a set of rules I created for playing Recon they are as followed

  TheDementedSmile wrote @

1. Try your hardest to never give your position away until you have your shot set up…dont spam your shots
2. Depending on what the map is based, infantry or vehicle choose your target accordingly(Infantry maps you should shoot for Snipers then Medics then Assault then Engineers, Vehicle maps aim for Snipers then Engineers then Assault then Medics)
3. Dont use the 12x Scope on small maps it only impairs your view
4. Dont use magnum ammo it is useless…it is still 2 chest shots and the drop is uneffected

  TheDementedSmile wrote @

5. Be stealthy dont use the SA uniform unless it matches, stay hidden, make sure you match the background behind you it will save your life sometimes
6. Cover the flanks on defence and cover your team as offence
7. If you see an AT mine or C4 shoot it save your vehicles and you could force the suicide of the owner
8. Dont sit back while your crate/flag is being taken, throw a motion sensor, find the camper in the corner and blast him with your pistol…it also tells ur team his location

  TheDementedSmile wrote @

9. Dont use the vehicles leave them for the Engineers(tht really goes for any kit)
10. Dont use the all kit weapons like the shotguns or the rifles be Assault for those
11. Dont be within 100 meters of another friendly Recon…if u both see the same area the enemy has a place to hide
12. Dont just go for tht 600 meter headshot for the +500 marksman bonus support your team
13. Dont snipe, its called Recon for a reason…spot the enemy constantly or use a headset to call out the enemy

  TheDementedSmile wrote @

14. Above all just take your time there is no rush

this took 40 mins to type on a psp so enjoy i just wanted the message out there that Recon players do exist amongst all the retard COD snipers

  fieldoperative wrote @

thank you man

  TheDementedSmile wrote @

No prolem man… Just ranting and the time was wrong i typed it up at like midnight….psp clock must be off

The guide itself was good it had alot of info i just like to get the message out that alot of snipers dont play correctly

  Vlad wrote @

Well, technically, anyone has the right to play however they want, but it is recommended that as a Recon, you play the part. Personally, I do try to kill people first, but I ALWAYS have a finger on the select button to spot them. I get twice as many spots as kills.

  Daft wrote @

Great guide,but I’ll add some tips for Engineers.

1.You can actually use your drill to reduce the health of an enemy vehicle.
2.Shoot the backs or sides of tanks,they are the least protected.
3.Fire in bursts.The SMGs are not good in long sustained fire unlike the LMGs
5.Plan when you want to grab the vehicle and grab the V ARMOR specialization when you do.
6.The RPG-7 has tracking only if you have a tracer on the vehicle.Speaking of which,shooting tracers give you 30 points,be it on a vehicle or on a person.
7.The red-dot sight increases your accuracy.Use it when you can,unless you feel comfortable with the iron sights.
8.Whenever you get into a tank,your first priority is to destroy cover.Aim your tank at a house and fire away.This reduces the places where enemy can hide,but also does the same to you.
9.If you can,get up to a high place with a long barreled tank and shoot things from above.
10.Final and most important tip;YOU ARE NOT AN ASSAULT!Don’t just go around killing enemies,use tanks,helicopters and UAVs to your advantage.Your team needs you to destroy the above,too.Though you cannot help players directly through ammo boxes or health packs,they’ll thank you when you destroy that Bradley or bring down that Black Hawk.

  Vlad wrote @

No they won’t. What if I was about to set a C4 on that Bradley?

  Daft wrote @

The engineer’s main objective is to deal with vehicles.Fine if you want to hit it with C4,but that might be somewhat dangerous if the tank is in the open.

  NoOb345 wrote @

1. For The Begginer Sniper, Use the M24 Wisely, Cover the crate/flag and just wait they will come.
2. NEVER RUN IN A HOT ZONE, Simply crawl your way
3. If a tank is rolling towards you and he hasn’t seen you lay down some C4
4. If your team mates are being pinned from a building circle round and C4 the building to the ground.
6.Once you are good enough Advance a lot, Be the tip of the spear!
Once I got 2 crates in the first 10 minutes for a once losing team.
Oh yeah, If a crate is being armed throw a motion and C4 on it, If they are about to defuse blow it up

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