Rush Mode:My Favorite (Stealth) Loadout

Here goes my favorite stealth loadout for Rush. In fact it’s currently the loadout with which I play the most. It is recommended both for defense and attack.

Kit: Recon.

Primary weapon: VSS Snaiperskaya with 4x ACOG scope. Eventhough it’s considered a sniper rifle, it’s not to be used as such, but rather as a assault rifle/SMG hybrid. It’s one of the deadlier weapons in BFBC2 and it is silenced.

With the ACOG scope you can aim quite far, but when aiming down your sights fire by bursts because it has a lot of recoil – more recoil than an assault rifle. For that reason, don’t shoot it in full auto, unless you’re face to face with an enemy. In close quarters it’s more deadly than an SMG because it fires heavier bullets.

Secondary weapon: M1911. This one is a no-brainer. It’s the best handgun in the game, period.

Because the VSS doesn’t have a lot of bullets, you’ll run out of ammo quite often,but it’s no problem, you can rely on the M1911. Do not hesitate to shoot even at mid range. With magnum ammo, you can take down an enemy with 2 shots!

Gadget: Mortar. You start with C4 as standard, but you should switch to Mortar as soon as you unlock it. It’s useful mostly in attack. As soon as a charge is set, bombard the M-Com station! For M-Com’s who are inside of buildings that can collapse, use it at will but warn your teammates if the building is about to fall.

Strategy. I love the Recon kit because of the motion sensors. You have two of them and you can replenish when you pick up ammo. Use them as much as you can, but don’t forget you can only use one at a time. Throw one, wait until it’s offline, then throw the second one.

When you defend, they will help you establish a defensive perimeter. When the enemy will get closer to the M-Com’s, throw the sensors at them in order to be warned for infiltrators. When you attack they will help you spot enemy movements near the base. It can make it easier to set a charge, or help you prevent the enemy from disarming a charge once it’s set. With the motion sensors you help your team a lot and you earn points  each time an enemy is killed inside the radius of an active motion sensor of yours. Notice that the motion sensor is working from the moment you launch it.

Because of the heavy use of motion sensors, this loadout is not for campers since you have to be quite close to the enemy in order to use them.


  seraphim84 wrote @

Awesome, what specializations do you use with this kit? extra ammo? magnum ammo? body armor?

  fieldoperative wrote @

Magnum man, ALWAYS!!! extra ammo is not useful, body armor is *GAY* it’s like COD4’s Juggernaut – it’s for noobs!

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