Tutorial: Unlocking M1 Garand the easy way


Unlocking the M1 Garand is for most players a matter of completing their collection of online weapons, not a real need. Yet, it is a great semi-automatic weapon, playable in all classes. As the M14, it fills the gap between assault and sniper rifles. Both are powerful, with a long range. None of those cross-class weapons can be customized with red dot or 4x scopes. Because of that, using the M14 with its awful iron sights is masochistic. So, if you want a good semi-automatic rifles that can be used in all classes, using the M1 definitely makes sense.

It occurs that I have actually fired the M1 in real life, during my military service. It definitely shoots straight, packs a lot of punch and therefore kicks a lot! I remember that my shoulder hurt after the shooting heh.

You need a profile @ EA

In order to unlock it, you must obtain Veteran status. This basically means that you must have another game in the Battlefield series. The tutorial below explains how to do it with the free online FPS Battlefield Heroes.

What the tutorial takes for granted is that you have already your profile @ EA. If you don’t, you can register at . During the registration process, you are going to be able to link your profile to a gamertag or PSN ID or Windows ID. If you get an error message, this means that you have already linked your ID to a EA profile in the past, so you must remember with which email you registered in order to retrieve it.

The tutorial

In order to unlock the M1, there are several tutorials on youtube (not that you really need a video tutorial). Here you go buddy:

The next time you will start the game you will see this message:


  seraphim84 wrote @

I actually used this guide to unlock my m1, tyvm for this!

  fieldoperative wrote @


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