To Convert A Zealot: Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs Modern Warfare 2 [v1.0]


After the tremendous and unexpected success of COD4:MW,which has redefined online shooters, MW2 has achieved world domination. While Activision and IW were savouring their success, DICE from Sweden were studying its weaknesses and the negative feedback from the field, in order to surpass it with BFBC2 and take as much of the MW2 crowd as they could. Indeed BFBC2 is a better online game than MW2. It is also an entertainment experience for grown-ups, deeper than the more arcade-ish and appealing to kids/teenagers MW2.


I have been a COD4 zealot and invested more than 1000 hours in the online component of the game, mostly in XBL (a bit in PSN). I have anticipated MW2 with the highest expectatations and even defended Infinity Ward in the forums prior to the release  (“these guys are on top of their game, they will fix everything all right, you’ll see”). I guess that the fact I have been converted litterally overnight, is the perfect illustration of what managers tend to repeat in the  customer support business: “it’s hard to gain a customer, but very easy to lose him“.


While COD4 had stellar gameplay, its network weaknesses were revealed very quickly. There was a lot of lag. Due to the peer-to-peer scheme, not only the player chosen as host had a big advantage, but he also had the power to terminate the match at will, screwing the rest of the players. You could dominate the enemy team all match-long, but if the host was in the opposite team and didn’t want to lose, he could chose to end the game and laugh sadistically in his couch.

Eventhough BBFC1’s gameplay didn’t reach COD’s heights, it has still built a solid reputation with its dedicated servers and acceptable (if not nil) lag.

We were hoping IW would take appropriate measures in order to adress those issues. Instead of focusing on its root cause, which is the outdated peer-to-peer scheme, they chose just to patch it by implementing something that was supposed to be delivered in COD4 but has never been: host migration. If the host quits or disconnects, the game choses the next best host. This method was proven to be semi-working. What is even worst is that they have expanded the peer-to-peer scheme in the PC version of the game, disappointing and enraging thousands of COD4 fans.

BFBC2 has dedicated servers as BBFC1 did. There is no unfair advantage to the player hosting the game, this is a dream come true for thousands of disappointed and frustrated COD4/MW2 players.

Furthermore I consider that DICE/EA respect me as customer, while IW/Activision didn’t give a fuck because apparently they considered that the game was going to sell anyway… why bother? Kids don’t notice this kind of things after all!


By trying to expand the COD4 experience and gameplay, IW did for MW2 some things right (eg.rewarding for all kinds of things) but also has added a saddening level of ridicule.

  • The atomic bomb rewards the player who is the biggest camper. Simple as that. It is also the biggest and unrefutable evidence that MW2, regardless of the numerous game modes, is one big deathmatch. Fuck teamwork and the objectives, viva les kills!
  • Either by glitching or by taking advantage of the lightweight/marathon/tactical knife perks, you have players running all around and knifing. This can be fun for free-for-all or TDM, but for the rest of the modes it’s ridiculous to have some players working for the objectives and one or two assholes pissing everybody off.
  • The HALO jumps weren’t there since the beginning. They started to be popular in the middle of COD4’s lifespan and continued to be possible in MW2.
  • Something that looked cool in the beginning was akimbo. After a while it grew old, and seeing people dual-weild SMG’s and shotguns was just something that removed any seriousness from the game. Kinda like watching RAMBO shoot a light machine gun with just one hand.
  • COD4 had cool weapons. I cannot comprehend what was on IW’s mind and they have included bullshit weapons such as the 1884 or the ranger – especially when you can dual weild them. Instead, BFBC2 has some nice legacy WWII weapons such as the M1 and the Thomson…


In COD4 there were campers, but they couldn’t hide forever… We would hunt them down like dogs early in matches and they would eventually quit mid-game. In MW2 the maps are so big, and the game so camper-friendly, that what was an annoyance has became a plague that ruined the game.

This is of course due to the fact MW2 is mainly a big deathmatch. In BFBC2 there are of course campers, but the game is built in such a way that there is a balance.

  • campers are not rewarded so much nor can they show off as much as they can in MW2 (kills and deaths are not displayed in the BFBC2 lobbies)
  • one shot one kill is much harder for snipers
  • there are no silencers nor pussy-ass heartbeat sensors for sniper rifles
  • there is no prone: no faggot cowards waiting like snakes in the grass for easy kills!
  • when you’re firing you appear as red triangle, and if you press “Select” while aiming at a red triangle, all foes will appear to your team’s radar,
  • everything is destroyable, therefore you cannot camp to the same spot forever,
  • stationary guided rockets (or portable rocket launchers) can definitely help you take out any snipers, even if you don’t play as a sniper
  • and of corpse, no atomic bombs rewarding supercamper douchebags

BFBC2 is a game for grown ups

I don’t deny I had my share of pleasure in COD4 and MW2 shouting obscenities to annoying kids/teens who wouldn’t shut the fuck up! But BFBC2 is a game for grown-ups and it’s so much better focusing on the game! You can’t hear the enemy team on the lobby, not even your entire team, except your own squad. You’re rid once and for all of screaming kiddos/teenagers. Fuck them!


The whole Battlefield series in general established objective based FPS multiplayer, and this applies to BFBC2 too, as opposed to MW2 which is one big deathmatch, regardless of the mode (except Demolition maybe).

The amount of kills and deaths for each player are not displayed publicly on the lobby, just the score, only you can view your stats. There is no psychosis about the kills and the K/D ratio.


MW2 is more arcade and BFBC2 more tactical. Therefore MW2 is easier to get into even even without teammates, while BFBC2 is harder to master and can be a little be crude in the beginning if you’re playing like a lone wolf.

In the long term, BFBC2 is more rewarding because you use your brain more, you elaborate tactics and you truly cooperate. It feels like the real thing, it feels like war!


In BFBC2 you cannot form a proper team or lobby, like you can do in MW2. You must do it the hard way: form a 4-member squad, join a match and then invite the rest of your friends little by little and communicate together via a XBL party. If  your team is full, you must expect someone to leave in order to get everybody in. This definitely sucks…


  • BFBC2 has by far better sound effects. Shots are echoing and sound full. There really is a big difference. IW is one step behind in this field, since already BBFC1 was better than COD4 sound-wise.
  • Eventhough this is a detail, BFBC2 has better cover artwork, MW2’s is crap and a lot worst than COD4!
  • Both games have more or less equivalent graphics. MW2 has better looking and more varied characters.


In BFBC2 you can customize the loadout between respawns.You can also use the items unlocked, eg. the 4x scope, straight away. In MW2 you have to define your classes before the match starts.


In BBFC2 there are few choke points, therefore there is less grenade spam…

You have to walk longer between spawns in BFBC2, but you can spawn on your squad which adds another piece of tactic.

There’s less glitches until now in BFBC2. MW2 has been unplayable during the biggest period since its release due to cheaters and glitchers.  Indeed during the first months there’s was a mainstream glitch/exploit every two weeks.

Some might argue that this is due to MW2 not having a beta, while COD4 and BFBC2 did. I will not, because I am not a game developper but having a beta sure helps.


In BFBC2 you cannot fully customize the weapons, but still it’s cool. i consider a lot of the MW2 customizations to be exaggerated and superfluous such as the heartbeat sensors.


MW2 is a faster game and is supposed to run in consoles at 60fps. BFBC2 has a slower pace in general. Therefore it is less suited for hyperactive teenagers, and I wouldn’t mind if they never try it at all!

BFBC2 on the other hand has more things happening inside the game with the vehicles, etc.


More or less equivalent for both games. Having to click on the right thumbstick (either to stab or kneel) sucks because in the ehat of the action you often do wrong movements which can ruin you. Don’t tell me about Mad Catz MW2 controllers who have an extra custom button for stabbing because they suck and also they’re not even wireless on the Xbox (ok, that’s Microsoft policy’s fault and greed, but still).


Sniping is more challenging in BFBC2 because of the gravity effect and because one shot one kills are harder. As I have already mentionned there’s not heartbeat sensors and silencers.


BFBC2 brings the humiliation of stabbing your foes to a whole new level, since you collect their dogtags and can view them later knowing who you have pwned.


There is something of sublimely old-school in having a rifle as a main weapon and a handgun as a secondary. In MW2 you could have whatever as secondary weapon. In COD4 you could swap your secondary weapon, and this was also a cause to many stupid deaths (getting killed while you were trying to pick up a cool weapon in order to replace your handgun).

In BFBC2 you cannot swap your handgun, you can pick up  from the battlefield and replace your whole kit. You have to rely on your handgun once again!


I am mostly interested in the online experience but yet a good SP campaign is memorable and can hook you up into the multiplayer part. To be honnest I enjoyed more MW2’s, eventhough you get mote attached with the BFBC2 characters, while MW2 is more personal. There’s also some moments in the BFBC2 that feel like deja vu, sort of rip-off’ed to COD4/MW2, like the moment you rescue an hostage by a pistol headshot… What is cool in BFBC2 SP is that there is an extra tactic element in the sense that you can customize your loadouts, ie. chose your weapons.



  • matchmaking which allows a proper 12-member team to be formed


  • servers to be added replacing peer-to-peer
  • atomic bomb to be completely removed


BBFC2 pwns MW2!

Later in 2010 MEDAL OF HONOR will be released, with the multiplayer component done by DICE. Since it’s expected to have a more direct, less tactic gameplay than BFBC2 (like MW2 it does), it’s reasonable to expect that it will be the last nail into MW2’s coffin..

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