Last update: 15 Nov. 2011


Q:  Is BF3 better than Battlefield: Bad Company 2? In what aspects?

A: In many  aspects it is. It has a wider scope and a more epic scale. There is more depth in the gameplay, and several adjustments have been done based on the feedback obtained from the Bad Company games.
Update: after the initial excitement is wearing off, I start to feel BF3 is a less fun than BFBC2, at least on console.

Q: A few adjustment examples?

A: Take Rush mode . In BFBC2 if the attackers armed the last M-Com station and they ran out of tickets before it exploded, then the match ended and they lost. When the same situation occurs in BF3 then even if the attackers’ tickets are depleted, they won’t lose unless the last M-Com is disarmed. This is a welcome tweak that makes the game more just.

Q: I don’t know how to or have trouble joining a match together with my friends. What should I do?

A: Check out this official tutorial on how to join as a squad.

Q: I am a console gamer and the servers browser is confusing me.

A: Check out this post on the official BF blog: Your Quick Guide to the Battlefield 3 Server Browser.

BF3 vs COD

Q: Is BF3 better than COD?

A: It is different.BF3 has been aggressively marketed as a COD-killer. The truth is that the core gameplay of both franchises and the overall focus of the gameplay is very different.

COD has an arcade feel and sports a very fast and simple gameplay. BF is more tactical, more realistic (it feels  like war while COD feels like a skirmish), has more depth and gameplay possibilities. In return, BF is harder to get into but you will get rewarded for the time you will invest in understanding its mechanics and subtleties.

Q: Right, but my friends who played the beta said that DICE ripped off COD!

A: DICE explained that it was for technical reasons that they included Operation Metro in the beta, which is an infantry-only map that happens for the most part in close quarters. Therefore, it did not represent comprehensively the overall BF3 gameplay experience.

Nevertheless, it is true that DICE has included a few minor features in order to lure COD players. The best example is the fact that the Kill/Death ratio wasn’t displayed until now neither during the match, nor at the end  scoreboard. In BF3 it is displayed during the match and at the end. Hardcore BFBC2 players like myself don’t like it very much because it distracts players from the main focus which is teamplay in order to achieve the objectives.

Q: What about the new Team Death Match mode?

A: If you are a COD lover, then you should probably start by this one in order to get a familiar first contact. TDM matches take place in small portions of the maps, which are more or less of the same size than medium-to-small COD maps. The spawns are random (unless you position a spawn beacon with the Recon class), the opportunities for camping not so big and the gameplay intense. Overall, TDM  debuting in the Battlefield series is a success.

Q: I am a console gamer and am fed up by lag, host advantage, failed host migrations,etc. I’ve been told that there isn’t any of that in BF. Is that true? What’s the deal with dedicated servers?

A: Once you will experience the smooth, superior experience of muliplayer gameplay with dedicated servers, you will look back at COD (and other console FPS’ titles with host connectivity like Crysis 2, the Halo series, etc) and think you escaped from a world of pain!

Having said, the first days of BF3 are plagued by a lot of technical issues concerning network connectivity. Be patient until they are resolved, you will be rewarded soon enough!


Q: Is that normal that BF3’s network component doesn’t work properly – especially in the Xbox 360 version?

A: Most multiplayer games suffer from problems in the first days/weeks after their launch. This happens for many reasons, the most important of which is that the developing company cannot stress test the game prior to launch under the final conditions, which is millions of players trying to play often at the same time.

As of the 31st of October, EA claims that 95% of the technical issues are resolved, and DICE assured the players via a post at the official BF blog that they are taking their feedback into consideration and are working around the clock towards the resolution of the network issues.

On the 4th of November DICE has updated the community with the Seven Ways Battlefield 3 is Improving.

Q:  What are the technical problems of the Xbox 360 version?

A: The most important is (was) that the “Quick game” feature is broken and chances are that you’ll have to go through the servers browser. There was also a lot of rubber banding/lag. Both problems appear to have been fixed with a server update that has been done on the 4th of November.

Q: Where can I submit feedback with some bugs I’ve found?

A: The best place is the official EA BF forums.

Q: How/where can I get technical support?

A: Here. Most likely you will have to wait a little bit (anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes) in order to be able to chat to an EA support representative, but when eventually you’ll be connected they will try to help you out.


Q: What is Battlelog?

A: Battlelog is a website where you can access your site, customize your BF3 experience, as well as socialize with other players.  Once you login once to Battlelog, you’ll be able to access the news stream from inside the game menu (on the Xbox version by pressing right on the D-pad).

Q: How do I login to Battlelog?

A: With the email and password that you have used to create your EA profile.

Q: How can I set my clan tag?

A: In Battlelog.

Q: Field Operative is nice but I need to know evertyhing about the classes, maps, weapons,  modes, etc! Do you have any sites to recommend?

A: Just two of many comprehensive sites: BF3 page at the BF Wikia, and

Q: Which version is the best?

A: The PC version offers obviously the best graphics and also 64 players at the same map. The console versions are equivalent. In any case, BF3 has been described as a technical masterpiece. Check out Digital Foundry’s BF3 Face-Off for a detail technical analysis and comparison.

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