All right now. Are  you – like me – not the sniper type of player? Then you’ll probably hate leveling up the Recon class because the first sniper rifle, the M24, is a bolt-action rifle. As you’ll probably must have noticed by now, in BFBC2 it’s quite hard to get a one-shot-one-kill (unlike COD4/ MW2), and this is a good thing.

The problem is that for non-snipers it can be excruciating to play with a bolt-action, especially if you have to pull a headshot to kill with just one bullet (to be more precise I will quote the BFBC2 Wikia M24 page here: “headshots at any distance and chest shots at close-medium range are instant kills, while chest shots at long range require two hits”).

The fix to this is very simple: you can chose as your primary weapon a shotgun, or if you purchased the limited edition (or leveled upenough  the Engineer class already), a Thomson SMG. Amongst the next sniper rifles to unlock there are several semi-automatic, which are more friendly to the non-snipers.

Eventhough in general I’m not the sniper kind of dude, once you get how the gravity effect works it’s a blast to play like a sniper in BFBC2 but don’t camp like pussy behind! Make sure you use the motion sensor mines, they’ll get you a lot of points and will help out your team by spotting enemies and vehicles in their radius. If you stay behind you won’t be able to use them! They don’t last for very long but a) you have two of them, b) if you refill on ammo, you’ll also refill on mines.

Rifle-wise, the M24 and the SV98 Snaiperskaya are very cool. The T88 sucks big time. I haven’t unlocked yet the rest of them.

The mortar strike can be devastating and with it you can score multiple kills but don’t launch it preventatively where you think that the enemy is. Use it for example when a charge is set on Rush mode, and you want to prevent the enemy to disarm it. Or if you see an enemy tank hanging around the same spot too long.

Also make sure you watch carefully this excellent video tutorial.

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