Multiplayer/Rush mode survival guide part#2


  • When you start defending two M-COM’s on a map with terrestrial (and possibly sea) vehicles, two engineers with the extra explosives speciality, must pave the main and alternate paths to the stations with landmines.
  • The best spots where to place landmines are shady places and water.


  • Taking them down with guided rockets is very hard. The best is with tracer darts and Carl-Gustavs.
  • The best way to take the Apache down is with the BMD-3’s cannon which fires in three round bursts.
  • Even better is to destroy the Apache before it takes off or to somehow sprint and take control of it before the enemy. The best way to destroy it is as soon as the next couple of M-Com’s become online, and your weapon of choice for that would be the UAV.


When the enemy advances and threatens directly your last M-Com, you have to focus and stop fooling around. If it is on a confined space (a typical example is the last B @ Nelson Bay and the last B @ Port Valdez), it is rather easy to protect it and win the round, if a few players cooperate together.

  • The best way for this is to have a couple of players with Recon Kit that will keep launching motion sensors in order to monitor inflitrators.
  • At this point there is no point in having sniper rifles, so they should take G3 or a shotgun (I would recommend the NS2000 or the M1A1 with Magnum spec#1) as primary weapon and the extra grenade spec#2.
  • In order for them to keep throwing motion sensors, there must be a couple of players with assault kits providing them ammunition.
  • I would recommend not to break doors unless it’s necessary. If you’re lurking inside waiting for intruders, the sound of them breaking will warn you about their approach (if you’re out of motion sensors). If they have armed a bomb and you’re rushing inside, broken doors can give you a clue about their path and whereabouts.


  • When you’re ambusing enemies, try not to be distracted. Look out for them mostly in front of you. If you pick and engage targets on your left or on your right, you’ll get flanked for sure.
  • Pick off your targets carefully. If you have in sight two enemies (or more), kill first the one who’s facing you or who’s most likely to locate and engage you. For example, if one enemy has his back turned on you and the other one is facing you, shoot first the one who’s facing you. The reaction time of the other one will be longer, therefore you’ll be more confortable eliminating him.
  • Don’t trade your kit unless you’re out of bullets. Indeed you can have some bad surprises. For example, the kit that you will pick up might not have magnum equipped, or instead of a handgun it can have a tracer dart, or instead of mortar C4…
  • Learn how to use properly scattered kits of fallen teammates and foes. If you are confident that you’re out of enemy sight and proximity, pick up a kit, use quickly the feature you need then equip again yours. Some examples:
    • Pick up a medic kit in order to throw a health pack or ressurect a teammate who’s fallen nearby.
    • Pick up a recon kit in order to throw a motion sensor or launch a mortar attack.
    • Pick up a assault kit in order to throw some ammo.
    • Pick up an engineer kit in order to fix vehicles.
    • If you’re out of frags, pick up any kit in order to throw one (or if you’re lucky two).


  • If you attack and the rest of your squad is dead and about to respawn too, and you don’t wanna run a long distance from the spawn to the front, if you leave your squad and try to find a new one, there is small chance that the game will put you in another one with hopefully players who are alive and near the action.
  • When you die, stay alert until you respawn because a medic might revive you. You should also watch the killcam for medics approaching your corpse in order to revive you.
  • Be careful when you chose your loadout, because if you do a mistake and stick with it, this can influence the flow of the game and your/your team/squad’s performance. In some instances, you might want to suicide in order to do the right choice.
  • There are some rare points in the environment where you might get stuck. Instead of waiting than an enemy kills you or that a friend rescues you (eg by fragging the tree or pole which blocks you), suicide and respawn.
  • If a sqaud member starts flying ther Apache and cannot pick you up, suicide and respawn as his gunner. It’s a too good occasion to miss. Alternatively if the Apache appears on your base and you’re far away, suicide in order to take the ride.
  • Next trick is for Xbox users only (possibly PS3?), can be considered in some instances as cheating, and might be patched in the future. If for some reason you want to switch sides and join the enemy team, you can do so without losing your score/kills:

1. Check that there are empty slots in the enemy team.

2. Check a couple of enemy players gamertags

3. Optional: Wait until the next time you die. This way you want get -10 points for suicide.

4. Press the Xbox button on your controllers, go to “Friends” then to the players met recently.

5. Browse down to the enemy gamertags you checked out on point#2, then do “Join session in progress”. If you aren’t about to respawn, you’ll suicide. If the slots haven’t been filled out in the meantime, you’ll join the enemy team with your score intact!!!

6. If you haven’t joined a squad automatically, find yourself one.

7. This can be abused so be aware that other players will possibly file a complaint against you.


Ok now, if you’re a FPS fanatic playing on a console, you must have by now your own gamepad tricks that make you more efficient.

  • The one that I use very often is the following: if you want to keep running by pressing down the left thumbstick, and you want to perform an action on the D-pad without stopping (eg in order to throw a med-kit or ammo, equip your grenade/rocket launcher), then take your right thumb off the thumbstick and use it on the D-pad. Of corpse this is far more convenient on the Xbox controller than on the Dualstick, since the D-pad position is different (the D-pad is optimally positionned below the left TS on the Xbox, and above on the Dualstick).
  • When you are about to disarm a M-Com charge, you have your right hand blocked because you must press down on the “B” button (Xbox). But you can still turn around and shoot. For this you must use your left hand on the right thumbstick if you want to aim.
  • In the heat of the action try not to be very tense, especially at your finger level. This way you’ll avoid situations that occur very often like the following.
    • You’re standing and are shooting at an enemy, then while you’re about to kill him the next thing you know, you missed the kill because you’re shooting at a wall (or whatever other cover you were behind)! This happens because you’re often pressing down on the right thubstick by mistake…


BFBC2 is not a kill/deathmatch oriented multiplayer FPS like Call Of Duty is. It is game all about teamplay and objectives. Nevertheless doing many kills is something that every player enjoys eventhough it might not be his primary motivation.

Sometimes you’ll play against an easy team and you’ll be able to score many kills, more than usual. In this case you found yourself what we call in our jargon some “victims”. If you don’t die of boredom, you might want to stick with them and keep the massacre going.

In this case, if you’re defending you might want to get the match going on for as much as possible. Let them destroy the first M-Com’s . If your co-players don’t care about the kills, you can be nasty and destroy your own base. This will cost you of corpse some negative points, as well as some possible complaints filed (or the equivalent on the PS3 and PC versions – if available).

Usually, when you’ll see teammates destroying their own base is either because on the next bases there is an Apache available and they want to fly it, or because they have friends on the enemy team and they want to help them.

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