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In the EU & expecting a #BF3Beta early access email? It should now be in your inbox (or spam filter). If not, contact #BF3

That’s an official Battlefied tweet.  Guess what? I live in the EU and I still haven’t received my code…

I am in the support chat queue at for 30′ now, and I still have to wait at least 40′. People in the official forums report that they’ve been advised to … wait and if they haven’t received their code by tomorrow (!!!) to contact support again.

That shall learn you a lesson:  never buy an EA game hoping that it will earn you an early beat access!

Battlefield Play4Free

A new Battlefield game has been announced today: Battlefield Play4Free.

Most likely it will follow the same financial scheme as Battlefield Heroes, ie. you start playing for free then you must pay for upgrades of all sorts (weapons, skins, etc).

B.H. was WWII-alike, BP4F is, according to Kotaku, supposed “to have maps from Battlefield 2 and classes and weapons from Battlefield: Bad Company 2”.

I hope the development of proper Battlefield games won’t be affected by BP4F, because as of now, the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 community is disappointed by the lack of quality DLC/new maps (let’s bee honnest, Onlslaught was a big letdown).

Make your own mind by applying for the beta.

Battlefield Vietnam: Collector’s Paradise [PIC]

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We have posted some time ago two videos with the early history of DICE, here’s parts#3+4. Don’t forget to click on the Youtube logo if it’s too small for you to watch (which is most probably the case!).


I’ve been blocked in Holland for a few days due to the volcanic eruption chaos. Check back in the next couple of days for our special feature!

Hang on in there

There’s a sniper mini-guide that will be added tomorrow with advice provided by our consultant Dr Wolf.

We are also preparing a very special feature!

More impressions about Metro 2033

I wrote my first impressions about russian FPS Metro 2033 in this post. Being back at my safehouse after two weeks of absence, I played it for a couple of hours today. Here we go:

  • what’s often reported about bad level design in many reviews of the game, is totally true. You often get lost and run in circles, and in general there’s a lack of reasonable sense of orientation.
  • there’s some parts of stealth, but they’re poor. You have to move in the dark and of course not use your flashlight, but one step too much on the left or on the right and there you go, you fall down.
  • talking about stealth, your stealthy weapons also suck. For example the throwing knives. First of all it doesn’t feel like you’re really throwing a knife. Then the accuracy is totally ridiculous, because you can aim for the head from say  a small distance of 3 or 4 meters and still the enemy doesn’t die.
  • melee also sucks. In most FPS or stealth games, if you sneak behind an enemy and activate your melee, then in one or two hits he’s dead. Not here. It is even more frustrating because you’re often out of ammo and you could have used a good old melee. If you’re used of how the melee works in most FPS, then you’ll certainly be disappointed big time.

Overall, Metro 2033 is nice to play but it feels less good (at least in the early hours) than the FPS its action and atmosphere are referring to: Half Life 2, F.E.A.R., The Chronicles Of Riddick, …

F.E.A.R. 3=F3AR?

I’m a big fan of F.E.A.R.! It had one of the best FPS single-player campaigns (I really liked the “Extraction Point” add-on too) plus some cool multiplayer action. F.E.A.R. 2 wasn’t bad either but didn’t match the atmosphere of the first… #3 is supposed to be revealed next month

Mixed feelings about Splinter Cell: Conviction demo

Well, I played the demo.  SC now is a lot less stealth than before and more combat/action oriented. Getting the series to a wider audience was certainly what the creators had in mind. I will play the final game when it will be released, but eventhough the graphics are super, it feels that something is lost from the magic of the past. The game is more hi-fi overall, but the simpler mechanics remove some of the pleasure and gratification that the series’ gameplay offered until now…

So if you want to play real stealth, you’d better play Metal Gear Solid 4 on a Playstation 3…

Splinter Cell:Conviction demo first impressions

I started playing a little the Splinter Cell:Conviction demo on Xbox 360. My first impressions is that
  • it looks killer: it has an impressive presentation.
  • it sure looks like it’s a brand new direction for the series. I will have to play through it all to be able to tell if change is for good or not so much compared to previous episodes. What estranged me is this “Execution” thing, where you mark your opponents, then by pressing the “Y” button, Sam Fisher is killing automatically both. It didn’t feel right if you know what I mean. I don’t know how much impact on the different situations it might have to skip it, go old-school and take down foes the old way, one by one, aiming down your sights.
The demo is very polished and attractive. For example what you must do, ie. the tutoring instructions, are written into the walls and the objects themselves. Very impressive!
Being a COD4 veteran, I also enjoyed that Sam starts with an MP5!