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Field Operative‘s, passions/obsessions since he was a kid/teenager were music and computers. The latter led him to complete computer science studies in Paris 8 University (France). He is working for the last decade as a support engineer in the IT industry. His current role is Mission Critical Engineer.

Music-wise, his first important project was Chaotik Webzine (1995-2002), which made him a worldwide pioneer in terms of online electronic publications about underground music. From 1998 until today, he is a senior editor of Metal Hammer Greece, a milestone in local music press.

Around 2002 he started to rock the microphone for a couple of underground groups. He has also his personal experimental project Kommpound, based around field recordings and sound wave manipulation.

The last couple of years he is active with Dephosphorus,whose music is a combination of extreme metal (black, death, grind), post-hardcore and noise rock. A gatefold 12″ vinyl version of debut MLP “Axiom” will be released soon by german 7 Degrees Records. Incoming is also the “Christological Escalation” debut EP from harsh & mesmerizing metal project Amnis Nihili, due out in early summer by italian Avantgarde Music in both CD and 10″ vinyl format.

During the last decade he has found out that multiplayer F.P.S. games satisfy the primal drive to acquire and defend territory inherent in his male brain. He is a Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare veteran and has obsessively anticipated Modern Warfare 2. Frustrated, he gave up MW2 after a few months and has instantly become a Battlefield: Bad Company 2 partisan since release.

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