Onslaught mode review

Onslaught mode is fun. It happens on 4 multiplayer maps, not any new ones, but those of the normal game (Atacama Desert, Isla Innocentes, Val Paraiso and Nelson Bay) but in different times of the day. You play with a squad of friends, or random players picked up around the globe, against an army of bots.

The game mode is a mix of Conquest and Rush. You move onto enemy territory, take a base, hold it for a while then move to the next one. It’s mainly an attack mode, which sucks because longer defense would have been a lot of fun.

Playing with  3 friends is cool and you have a chance of achieving good times. I just played it like that. Me and my squad  did good times on hard difficulty level and hardcore mode. Playing with strangers is sort of useless and you must be very lucky. But in any case, don’t hope too much to achieve decent times.

Is it worth its money? Well, I’m not really sure. I think it should have been free and included from day one.

If I had to compare it to the co-op modes of other shooters, even if they are different games, it can be pretty intense, but it’s not as fun as Modern Warfare 2’s Spec Ops, Gears Of War 2’s Horde,  or even Call Of Duty: World At War’s co-op campaign.

I didn’t appreciate the fact that it can’t be played on split-screen. Initially I expected it to support it, because of an early screenshot where the screen was clearly split horizontally into two, but it does not. What a pity.

Another thing I did not like is that, as incredible as it may sound, from times to times there is lag! And I am not talking about playing with foreign friends, but with local ones!

Overall, I have mixed feelings. Me and the rest of the BFBC2 community want desperately something new to get under our teeth since we play the same maps over and over again for 4 months now. Onslaught mode is a nice little amusement. But until next winter’s Vientam expansion, it is clear that what we need is more than that… Dear DICE, please deliver the goods, we need more maps!

I don’t wanna be dramatic and everything, but have you checked the latest Major Nelson‘s Xbox Live Activity lists? Well, for a whole month now BFBC2 has dropped even below COD4! Which is very alarming, because when once in a while I play a few COD4 matches, I check how many people are online and there aren’t more than 20.000-25.000 at any given time!


  Donncha wrote @

Hopefully the recent lag fixes for NA servers will boost the overall numbers online. It’s certainly been better the last few nights I’ve played.

Shame it’s going to take so long just to get a map pack out for it though.

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