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How To Play Gears Of War 3 Beta without having Bulletstorm or a download code

We all want to play GEARS OF WAR 3 badly! The fact that Epic has deployed dedicated servers this time makes it extremely appealing, since GOW2 has been ruined by excessive lag and messy matchmaking.

Ok now, if you don’t have Bulletstorm or obtained a download code  over the internet you can either wait for the beta to be accessible to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers, or you can follow the steps below. Some minimum familiarity with Windows is required. If you don’t wanna read, there is a procedure describing those same steps on youtube.

  1.  Download the basic piece of software for the beta here. Extract it.
  2. Get a 1gb USB stick and connect it on the Xbox 360. It will be formatted so make sure it’s empty.
  3. Locate it on the dashboard under System Settings, Memory. Click on it. It will be initialized for use with the Xbox.
  4. Disconnect the USB stick and connect it on your PC.
  5. Download this utility. Extract it and run it. It allows you to browse the contents of USB storage configured for Xbox use.
  6. On the left panel of the USBXTAFGUI utility (that’s the name of the program downloaded in step#5) you’ll see two things: a Cache partition and a Data partition. Go under Data partition.
  7. Create a new folder and name it “Content”. Make sure it’s a capital C. Under “Content” create another folder and name it “0000000000000000”. That’s 16 zeros.
  8. The archive downloaded in step#1 includes the folder “4D5389B9”. You’ll have to drag and drop it on the right panel of the USBXTAFGUI window, under “Content”/ “0000000000000000”. You should be there already. If you’re not, click on “Data partition” on the left panel, then expand  “Content” and click on “0000000000000000”.
    NB: Depending with what utility you did the extraction on step#1 you might have the  4D5389B9 nested under another folder of the same name. Make sure you don’t get both of them but just one.
  9. Disconnect the USB stick from your PC and connect it to your Xbox 360.
  10. Go under memory, find your USB stick and browse down to the GOW3 beta program. You can run it straight out of the USB stick but you’d better move it to your Xbox’s hard disk (if you have one).
  11. Whether you moved it or not, execute it. An update procedure will start and depending on your internet connection it should be downloaded within less than an hour.
  12. You’re all set. Enjoy!