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Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) or the sempiternal inconvenience of host-based console F.P.S.

Crysis 2 multiplayer is lots of fun. Really. I like the armor/cloak gimmicks, I like the weapons, I like the game modes, I like the graphics, I like the maps.

What I don’t like is that Crytek must surely think console players, as opposed to PC gamers, are dumbasses. There is no other way to explain the fact that they dare to claim that they achieved a hi-tech, top-notch FPS when they don’t have dedicated servers.

I have lag most of the time and obviously there is a clear advantage for the host (if you press START and there is just one person with a connection of 4 green bars, that’s him). I even got the host once, which is totally ridiculous because I have a crap 2mbps ADSL connection.

Dear Crytek, DICE & Guerilla pwn you in the console territory. Ask your boss, EA, for dedicated servers next time…

Dear Crysis 2 console player, if you can’t stand to play with lag, there is just one way out: switch to a FPS with dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers means that there is no lag, or if there is a little bit all the players lag the same – there is no advantage for the host.

For a host-based title, the game picks up the player with the best connection and makes him/her act as the server. All the other players connect to him. He has a clear advantage because for example he can see other players before they see him.

If the host quits, then the game must migrate to another host. This procedure is known as host migration and it doesn’t work all the time. Actually it works half of the time at best.

All host-based games do not have the same network code. The C.O.D. games are notorious for having worst netcode than the HALO games or -more recently- CRYSIS 2.

The worst of them all was COD 4: Infinity Ward was supposed to get host migration to work which has never happened. Each time the host was getting pissed off because he was getting pwned (=that’s called “ragequitting”) or because his mom/wife was calling him, the game ended abruptly and the rest of the players were losing the kills they had make and their score. At least in Crysis 2, I observed that you don’t lose the count of kills you made if the match ends following a failed host migration…

For your convenience, you can find below a non-exclusive list with the host-based and server-based console FPS games.

Please do not hesitate to share with us your experience with console multiplayer F.P.S. games.


  • CALL OF DUTY series
  • HALO series
  • CRYSIS 2
  • GEARS OF WAR 1+2


  • KILLZONE 2+3
  • M.A.G.
  • GEARS OF WAR 3 (supposedly – to be confirmed)

BBFC2 Console LAG

I have seen an improvement these last couple of days concerning lag on Xbox Live. What about you?

In any case, instead of just complaining and bitching about the lag, you might want to actually be useful and provide some feedback about the console versions lag in this thread of the official forums.

BFBC2 Xbox Live lag moderated?

Aggravated Xbox Live lag experienced as of late during european daytime, seems to have been fixed after yesterday’s server maintenance. It’s too early to say definitely, but it seems so.

Xbox Live lag gets worst and worst…

I play from Greece in Southern Europe and lag has gotten worst over the last couple of weeks. More precisely it is rare to get into a match with acceptable lag, during day time. Most matches are laggy, some of them to an unprecedented level.

Some symptoms:

  • while you run on foot or with a vehicle, you stop for no apparent reason, then you resume
  • reloading does not always work!!!! What often happens, is that you press “X”, you see your character reload, then you check your magazine’s ammo and it’s still empty, forcing you to reload twice!
  • throwing a grenade or a rocket, sometimes won’t work. You press FIRE, then nothing happens!!!

One possible explanation is that we are connected to american servers, then when the evening comes, we start getting connected to european servers again.

Let’s hope that today’s server maintenance will fix things… It’s depressing that the network quality of the multiplayer component has regressed compared to the earlier days.

XBL: Awful lag today!

Lag this evening @ Xbox Live was possibly the worst I have ever seen for BFBC2… How was your connectivity?

XBL still has a lot of lag today!

This begins to become annoying. I even ended up in a match with japanese players! WTF?!?

Rough approximation of BFBC2 console lag and comparison with competitors (COD4,MW2)

One of the best things with BFBC2 is that central servers take care of business. It is not peer-to-peer as Call Of Duty for example, where one player is picked up and servers as the host, which gives him a huge advantage, jeopardizing also the stability of the whole match (if he leaves you have to cross  your fingers that host migration, which lasts as much as up to 2 or 3 minutes, will pick up another host).

The fact there are servers doesn’t mean that there is no lag. It just means that if there is lag, then all players lag, which is fair.

I live in a country with shitty internet. With what I’ve seen until now in BFBC2 multiplayer for the Xbox 360, approximately 5 to 10% of all matches have lag, which pretty much means that there is no lag!

As a comparison, in Call Of Duty 4 and Modern Warfare 2, for the Xbox 360 and the PS3,  the percentage of  matches with lag was from 30% to 50-60%. In MW2 there is a Host Migration process, which only works half of the times when the host leaves.

In BFBC2 you take for granted that matches always end. Only once me and my comrades got disconnected before the end of the game, and this has occured in a period with connectivity issues are acknowledged by DICE.  In COD4 one out of three or four games (that’s 33% and 25%) ended abruptly due to the host ending the game or leaving/disconnecting. In MW2, with Host Migration semi-working, the score is lower (from 10 to 20%) but it’s still unacceptable.

You can understand why from us folks migrating from the Modern Warfare series to BFBC2, playing with dedicated servers and not with arbitrary chosen players-hosts, is making a huge difference, as well as a sense that we are respected as customers. If forthcoming Medal Of Honor, whose multiplayer component is made by DICE, is also server-based then you can most certainly kiss Call Of Duty goodbye!