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Field Operative is happy to offer a MEDAL HONOR beta code to one of you! All you have to do is comment on this post. The winner will be picked up randomly and announced on Sunday morning.

If you are already participating in the beta or have a code ready to use as soon as the Xbox 360 version is announced, please do not participate and let those who don’t get an extra chance.

Good luck!

Downloading… is back online and so does the beta redemption portal. I am curently downloading. First impressions from the beta later today… offline [UPDATE] has been offline for almost 1.5h now. Apparently there has been a technical problem while they took it down in order to add the beta redemption page. We monitor this and will keep you posted.


The site is intermittently online (with a big fat SQL error in the middle of the browser),  then back offline.

The MEDAL OF HONOR beta key hysteria [UPDATED]

Access to the beta version of a title has become over the last years a major part of the promotion/marketing/sales strategy of the video game ecosystem.

In some cases beta keys are offered for free and to everybody. That’s rare. That happened for BFBC2 .

In the rest of the cases, beta keys are given to those preordering the game and possibly though video game websites, on a first come first served basis (through their website, twitter or facebook accounts) or by some sort of improvised contest.

Recently, hundreds of twitter users have been glued in front of the screen, waiting for a Halo Reach beta code. I was too, almost getting one!

Fans have complained about Modern Warfare 2 not getting one, since Call Of Duty 4 and Call Of Duty: World At War did. The fact that the game was riddled with bugs was considered by many as some sort of justice!

As we speak we are in the right in the middle of  the MEDAL OF HONOR beta key hysteria! People want their beta key, and they want it now. The problem is that EA has problems satisfying the demand that they have created with the recent E3 announcements. As a matter of fact, I am sure that a few EA executives are stressed to the max right now, having to find solutions in double quick time in order to avoid the fiasco.

The beta was announced at the E3. Hours before the announcement, and while there was no info whatsover about the possible dates during which it would run, accidentally leaked some dates in their preorder pages for MEDAL OF HONOR. The beta would run from the 5th to the 17th of July. The info/rumor spread like wildfire across most video game websites.

An official EA announcement ended speculation declaring that the beta would open on June 21st. Members of the also newly announced Gun Club would get earlier access on June the 17th (today). In both cases, the game has to be preordered. That’s how the mess starts!

There’s select stores offering the full beta access from the 21st of June, the rest of those offering beta access, do it from the 5th of July. The full list of the participating retailers was delayed creating a lot of confusion, especially amongst european customers: the initial list at the official website included only one retailer shipping physical copies and not electronic downloads. That retailer was which does not ship videogames anywhere in the world, and when it does, it’s with high shipping costs.

Later the list was populated. You can check it out at beta FAQ page. Yet, only a tiny portion of consumers started to get their beta codes today, making it appear unlikely that Gun Club members will benefit from the VIP offer. Indeed, it seems that there isn’t any mechanism/procedure in place to ship today the beta keys.

For example states that customers who have pre-ordered BFBC2 from them as well as placing a order for MOH will get there codes tonight, the rest on Monday the 21st. So it would be their job to check if somebody is entitled to early access, while the Gun Club site is supposed to be there for this exact reason.,, won’t give the codes out till July 4th, which is ridiculous. If EA wants to achieve as many preorders as possible, they should offer the whole thing to everybody.

Add to this mess the fact that the Xbox 360 version of the beta got delayed for  next week, and you will understand that we are talking about a marketing campaign that is about to go wrong. But EA is a big corporation right? They can get things sorted out. Whether it will be in a way respectful for the customer, it’s what we will see.

Right now I am trying to find a way to get my own beta key! I am eagerly anticipating M.O.H. because its multiplayer was built by DICE, creators of the awesome BFBC2, and it appears to as fast and intense as the gameplay of my all-time fave COD4. In other words, this might be the Modern Warfare 2 that we were due to, but didn’t get because Infinity Ward screwed up.


Amazon customer service have informed their customers following their inquiries, that they will email beta keys on the 21st. It seems that the promise for an early access through Gun Club was a joke. EA should put in place the appropriate procedures first, then make such offers.


I have been able to obtain a beta key, but the beta key redemption portal is closed, stating that the beta starts on the 21st!


  • Through we learn that “we are expecting the redemption portal to go live this afternoon”. Indeed, since this post’s Update#2 the redemption portal has been updated and now states ” […] players who own Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and have pre-ordered will be able to enter on June 17th. […] You can redeem your key for the PC and PlayStation 3 here starting on June 17. Follow us at and for updates about Xbox timing and availability as well as when to come back here and redeem your Beta Key on June 17.”
  • Concerning UK customers who’ve been told by GAME that in order to access early the beta they must have ordered BFBC2 from them, we read at that “You do not need to have purchased Battlefield Bad Company 2 from Game. Your VIP status is in-game and not as a result of where it was purchased”.
  • We have been informed that french site has started mailing away the beta codes.

Apparently the mess is slowly getting sorted out…


According to the MOH twitter, EA is currently in the process of resolving the issue with the Amazon pre-order (they wouldn’t ship the codes before the 21st).

Medal Of Honor beta “coming soon”!

As you know, we are talking about forthcoming Medal Of Honor game, because it is somehow BFBC2’s little brother since DICE is doing the multiplayer component. We also hope it does right what MW2 did not, letting down hardcore COD4 players.

The recent “Leave A Message” trailer features very little gameplay, but on the end it announces that there is a BETA coming soon! It is reasonable to assume that if you preorder you’ll get automatic access. What about BFBC2 players? I would not be surprised if there was a way for them to get in as well…

Concerning public betas, all major recent military FPS’  had one (COD4, COD:WaW, BFBC1, BFBC2, M.A.G.) except MW2, which was also the one that was the most riddled with glitches and cheaters!