Modern Warfare 3 single player campaign: FUCKING AWESOME

The reason I got into multiplayer games is that after playing the  single player campaign of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, I couldn’t get enough and needed more. Eventhough the host-based networking of the console version has largely disappointed me and made me switch to Battlefield, I am still a fan of the Modern Warfare series and reckon that Infinity Ward (with the help of Sledgehammer this time) knows at least how to craft some of the best single player campaigns…

Modern Warfare campaigns are all about big, blockbuster spectacle in a world where all hell breaks loose. Nukes explode, the old cold war fears come true with the Russians trying to invade the western world, new York becomes a battlefield, the Eiffel towerin Paris collapses, unlikely twists and turns  happen all the time… and in my book that’s irrestible!

Modern Warfare 3’s campaign is better than Modern Warfare 2’s. The scenario is better, the action is more intense, and a lot of flashbacks are made to COD4 giving a sense of completeness to what appears to be a trilogy. There’s new weapons, gimmicks and gadgets, as well as a new protagonist, a russian named Yuri alongside with the old gang: Captain Price, Soap, and Nikolai. There’s a lot of great locales, and some levels appear clearly to have been created according to the fans feedback on the previous campaigns. This means that are obvious references to the popular parts of the COD4 campaign. For example, there’s some fighting in an aircraft, which is an obvious reference to the Mile High Club stage (and which I take pride to have completed it in Veteran difficulty).

Having started but not finished yet the BF3 campaign, it’s hard not to make a comparison. The MW3 single player campaign is a roller coaster sort of experience, an action movie in which you are participating with a big smile on your face from start to finish. BF3 tried to mimick it, but one of the reasons that DICE has failed is that by trying to be pseudo-realistic they have failed to make it fun.

Take for example the cut scenes between levels. In the MW series they are bombastic, a visual and audio feast with great dialogues. In BF3 it’s just the old soldier-accused-of-mutiny-getting-interrogated rehash that has been already done in the past and better, like in Black and COD:Black Ops.

I haven’t played the Spec Ops mode yet, but if it’s as fun as MW2’s (and I am sure it is), then it’s safe to say that Modern Warfare is the best single player and co-op experience out there, as far as military shooters go at least.

BF3 multiplayer Q&A

I have anticipated wildly BF3 and since its release I haven’t written much about it, because I was actually playing it!

Instead of writing a plain review, I have started the BF3 multiplayer Q&A page, which I will update regularly… Check it out,  feel free to comment and leave your own questions to be answered.


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