Why I like the new Black Ops 2 (on Xbox 360).

  1. The near future setting gives us a break from the contemporary and/or historical setting. That is a refreshing, welcomed change in the COD series. It’s also interesting to notice some subtle influences from other console FPS series: Halo and Resistance. It’s good because it keeps the series from become self-complacent.
  2. Thanks to the near future setting (see #1 above) we have some cool new weapons and new attachments.
  3. The multiplayer portion gives the feeling that it’s been finely tuned and balanced really well. I love the possibilities that the Pick 10 system gives you. Triple attachments? Check. Double perk slots? Check. ❤
  4. I love the select fire attachment, especially for single-shot or burst fire assault rifles! As somebody who was frustrated in COD4 because I loved the G3 but didn’t have a quick-enough trigger finger, I’m happy as a pig in shit with my M8A1 and FAL in automatic fire mode!
  5. Once you prestige and access  again a weapon after reaching a certain level, you have the attachments that you’ve unlocked in the previous prestige. If you want to keep getting XP from using that particular weapon, you can prestige it, which locks again the attachments. You can prestige a weapon twice. Once you do it, you’ll be able to customize the weapon’s appearance with your clan tag and emblem!
  6. Eventhough we still don’t have dedicated servers (with all the frustration and inconvenience this causes), it seems that lag compensation is working? Possibly yes, judging from all the posts at the official forum where players with top-notch fiber connections who used to pwn everybody in the previous games thanks to their connection’s merit alone, are whining like kids from whom somebody took their toy. It was about time!
  7. The gun sounds is more satisfying that what we’re used to in the COD/MW series.
  8. New mode hardpoint is really cool!
  9. Most  maps are of medium size, which contributes in making the action more intense.
  10. This is an anti-camper COD! Treyarch has took some drastic measures in that direction, making Ghost work only when you run, control scorestreaks or disarm objectives. No more happy camping bitches!

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