From Battlefield 3 back to the COD/MW series with Modern Warfare 3, then Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

Continuing last year’s retrospective of our FPS activity, when BF3 stopped being fun to play on console, I switched to Modern Warfare 3…

Quite honnestly that was something I didn’t expect! Having experienced the dedicated server goodness of latest DICE’s games (Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Medal Of Honor, Battlefield 3), I never thought I would switch back to COD’s host-based hell

The fact that I did though, is quite enlightening as per the FPS battleground on console. Despite the COD series’ domination of the FPS genre on console,

there is a position to feel in the console marketplace with a miltary arcade/fast-paced FPS running on dedicated servers.

Nowadays, due to lag compensation algorithms, even player with ultrafast fiber DSL connections are loudly complaining, often of being even more penalized than regular joes.

Back to my story, I enjoyed Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360 a lot – enough in order to reach prestige level 20! I loved the maps and the better balance of the game, eg. the defensive score streaks. As with most COD games, a couple of weapons were far better than the others (G36, Skar, MP7), which is a letdown compated to the Battlefield series.

Since last week I’ve plunged into Call Of Duty: Black Ops2, and so far I’m really excited about it …

[To be continued]

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