MAP PACK#5 to be released in two days from now (28jul10)!

Map pack#5 will be released on the 28th of July, ie. in two days from now, and it will feature White Pass @ Rush mode & Nelson Bay @ Conquest. That’s good news because White Pass looks like a damn fine map to play in Rush!

Not all maps are yet available for every mode, so I guess Map Packs#6-7 will feature for us Rush-o-holics Panama Canal and Laguna Alta. The possibility of having any brand new maps offered before the release of the Vietnam expansion are indeed very slim.


  BC2 Mode Pack #6 « Gamertag: xeer2000 wrote @

[…] Mode Pack #6 Cool, Field Operative has the scoop (yet again) on the new map pack mode […]

  bored engineer wrote @

are they going to let us engis repair mcoms yet? so needed

  Bad Company 2 Map Pack #5 Coming July 28th wrote @

[…] As with the previous map packs, this will be free for players who have entered a VIP code. Thanks fieldoperative. Posted in bf:bc […]

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