Map Pack#4 incoming later today

I was just checking out the online store today. To my big surprise Map Pack#4 was enlisted! The release date is today, the 7th of July and as per the contents, once again we will get two old maps, each for a mode that they weren’t available until now: Atacama Desert for Rush and Port Valdez for Conquest.

In the absence of any brand new maps, it is cool to be able to play a map that wasn’t available in your favorite mode yet. But until this winter’s release of the Vientnam expansion, and as fans are abandonning ship due to boredom, new maps will be needed in double quick time…


[…] Pack #4 has been spotted by Fieldope… Map Pack #4 has been spotted by Fieldoperative. Maybe that’s why the EA servers just died. The new mode pack has Atacama Desert Rush and […]

  Donncha wrote @

Well spotted! That must explain those “leaked photos” a few days ago!

[…] 7, 2010 at 15:00 · Filed under BFBC2 Map pack#4 is indeed here! I played a few Rush matches at Atacama Desert and it’s a lot of fun! It was about time to be […]

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