Hardware: PS3

Kit: 80gb “fat” model


  • The positive

This early look at the multiplayer component of the game, confirms that M.O.H. will be the first CODkiller, aka the first arcade military shooter able to compete with the Modern Warfare series.

DICE uses servers, unlike Infinity Ward and Treyarch who use a peer-to-peer scheme, which is source of injustice since the player who is chosen as the host has a huge and unfair advantage.

The stripped-down framework from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is working well. The weapons, their mods, and the progression of the characters are well thought and balanced.

  • The negative

This piece of software is broken! You are not able to finish but half of the matches. For the rest, the console freezes and you have to reset from the I/O button. It is impossible to have a consistent gameplay experience in these terms. That would be almost OK, if this beta was not accessible  only to those who have preordered…

Technical issues apart,  what DICE should probably focus the most on, would be the maps. There’s just two maps in the beta, one for each mode. The are quite good, especially Helmand Valley. But I am not sure yet, that they can match the awesome battlegrounds that were those of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which is clearly the game that is to be matched here in terms of gameplay.

Kabul City Ruins for example, is enjoyable and everything, but it feels somehow not a match to Ambush or Crash if you know what I mean. In general there is a claustrophobic feeling, since the maps are rather small. This is good on one hand, because there cannot be too much camping going on and the action is more intense. On the other hand, if the general size of the maps is small like that, we can only hope that there will be a ton of them.

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