Intro:Exit MW2,Enter BFBC2

10 days ago I was a Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare enthusiast.

I played Call Of Duty4: Modern Warfare, mainly on the Xbox 360 and a little bit on the Playstation 3, for 2 years straight. I would define my relationship with it as an obsession.

When Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came out last November, I was excited like hell. I was thinking at that point that it was highly likely that I would spend the next 2 years on it, like I did with COD4, and until MW3 would be released.

Gradually, excitement has been replaced by frustration, as it turned out that MW2 was a less good game than its predecessor COD4.

From the moment I started to play Battlefield:Bad Company 2’s single player campaign I totally abandoned MW2. I haven’t played a single time since. I’m not the only one! Most of my MW2 comrades feel the same way. MW2 is fun but it grew old very quick. I’m not saying that I’m not going to play it again. It’s just that BFBC2 is the real thing and that’s why I started this bog.


  Donncha wrote @

My initial games of BfBC2 were not good. I tried doing the lone wolf thing too much, and I think “Conquest” doesn’t suit me.

The next time I played was Rush on various levels and while I haven’t come out of any with a positive KDR at least I had fun arming and defusing bombs.

I’m still getting used to melee on a different button, but crouch is almost becoming second nature even if I do hit “B” some of the time before reloading.

  fieldoperative wrote @

Well, I’m going to detail the positive and negative points of my overall BFBC2 experience soon. One of the minuses is that if you’re starting out on your own, without a crew or some mentors (ideally BFBC1 players), you risk to be discouraged and give up. This is unlike COD/MW2 where you can play strictly on your own and still have instant fun from day one. I haven’t tried Coqnuest yet though, played almost exclusively Rush.

As far as the controller sceme goes, after 2.5 of COD4/MW2 frenzy, I got used to BFBC2’s after a couple of days of single-player campaign.

[…] May 7, 2010 at 09:57 · Filed under BFBC1, BFBC2, COD4:MW, First Person Shooters, MW2 and tagged: "Leave a message", beta, Medal Of Honor As you know, we are talking about forthcoming Medal Of Honor game, because it is somehow BFBC2′s little brother since DICE is doing the multiplayer component. We also hope it does right what MW2 did not, letting down hardcore COD4 players. […]

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